A Creative Mindset

  1. Come to a state of being present in this moment
  2. Repeat to yourself the words: “ I am creative. My creativity is meaningful. Expressing my creativity will make me happy. I am reaching my full potential by living out my creativity”.
  3. Pick three items from this list and journal for five minutes on each:
    - What is it that you do/make?
    - How does making/doing it support your life’s purpose?
    - What meaning does it create?
    - How does it create a better world?
    - How does it help others?
    - What do you learn from doing this?
    - How does this make you happy?
    - What learning opportunities do your creativity present?
  4. Read through the writing you just completed.
    - What did you learn?
    - How will it support your creativity going forward?



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Francois Coetzee

Francois Coetzee

Francois Coetzee is a creative thinker, NLP trainer and coach, and lives for creating possibility. Connect with him on LinkedIn https://bit.ly/3hEmVAn